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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How Do Humans Get Tapeworms From Dogs?

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How Do Humans Get Tapeworms From Dogs?
How Do Humans Get Tapeworms From Dogs?
How Do Humans Get Tapeworms From Dogs?


  1. Diseases and afflictions that can be passed on from dogs to humans are called zoonotic diseases. The most common zoonotic afflictions come from fleas and ticks that jump from dogs to their owners. However, dog worms such as roundworms and tapeworms can also infect humans under the right circumstances.
  2. Canine Tapeworms

  3. The most common form of tapeworm that can jump from dog host to human host are canine tapeworms. In dogs, these parasitic creatures live inside the digestive tract of the animal and leach the nutrients that the dog consumes. When the dog defecates, oftentimes tapeworm eggs and larvae can accompany the feces. If an adult or especially a child comes into contact with this feces and somehow ingests it (such as not washing before eating a meal), the eggs can hatch and grow inside the new human host. Once hatched, the larvae will grow into hydatid cyst in the liver and other surrounding organs. The cysts will continue to grow to as much as a foot in length and in most cases will need to be surgically removed.
  4. Flea Tapeworm

  5. Another type of tapeworm that can be transferred from humans to dogs is the flea tapeworm. These tapeworms are much harder to catch as the an infected flea from a dog must be swallowed by the human for the larvae to survive, hatch and infect the new host. Most commonly this occurs in children. Flea tapeworms do not grow to be as large as canine tapeworms but can still leach nutrients from the body creating potentially serious health problems.
  6. Prevention

  7. The best way to prevent a canine to human transmission of tapeworms is to keep your dog on a regular de-worming schedule. Keeping them protected against worms will also prevent worms from infecting you. If your dog is allowed to roam free on a farm or large area of property, preventing them from eating dead wild animals will also help keep down chances of the dog contracting a tapeworm.


  1. please be informed that cow can be a transmiter of tapeworm too


    Reproduction and life cycle
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    more detail including reproduction, references.

    True tapeworms are exclusively hermaphrodites; they have both male and female reproductive systems in their bodies. The reproductive system includes one or many testes, cirrus, vas deferens and seminal vesicle as male organs, and a single lobed or unlobed ovary with the connecting oviduct and uterus as female organs. There is a common external opening for both male and female reproductive systems, known as genital pore, which is situated at the surface opening of the cup-shaped atrium.[5][6] Even though they are sexually hermaphroditic, self-fertilization is a rare phenomenon. In order to permit hybridization, cross-fertilization between two individuals is often practiced for reproduction. During copulation, the cirrus of one individual connects with that of the other through the genital pore, and then exchange their spermatozoa.

    The life cycle of tapeworms is simple in the sense that there are no asexual phases as in other flatworms, but complicated in that at least one intermediate host is required as well as the definitive host. This life cycle pattern has been a crucial criterion for assessing evolution among Platyhelminthes.[7] Many tapeworms have a two-phase life cycle with two types of host. The adult Taenia saginata lives in the gut of a primate such as a human. Proglottids leave the body through the anus and fall onto the ground, where they may be eaten with grass by animals such as cows. In the cow's body, the juvenile form migrates and establishes as a cyst in body tissues such as muscles, rather than the gut; they cause more damage to this host than the intestinal form to its host. The parasite completes its life cycle when the grass-eater is eaten by a compatible carnivore—possibly a human with a preference for raw meat—in whose gut the adult Taenia establishes itself.[8]

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  4. In a study in University of Munich, Female dog owner too are at higher risk of getting breast cancer http://www.usa-health-center.com/_dogs_give_women_breast_cancer.asp

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